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We assess your present state and your priorities.
Together we agree on your goals.
We guaranty to walk beside you on your pathway to Health!


Develop, maintain and restore your full Movement potential and ability to perform in every day activities.
We will help you improve

With a tailor-made rehabilitation process, exclusively thought out only for you

Each one of us is unique: with individual habits and specific life paths. Our commitment is to attend to your individual necessities. We will help you get back on track with your normal daily activities: sports, professionally and socially. We offer you solutions for Pain and will help you regain normal Movements.


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Exclusive Sessions

After designing your treatment plan, it will be initiated with you under personalised supervision of the Physiotherapist.

Follow up

We guaranty continuous moments of contact during your rehabilitation process!


After only one Session you will feel different!
Understanding how you can continue to progress will be easy once you’re in our hands!

Pedro Santana

I was born in Lagos and I graduated in 2009 from the European School of Physiotherapy – Hogeschool van Amsterdam, after completing my internships at Fisiogaspar in Lisbon, Portimão and Évora main Hospitals.
Sports, Respiratory and Neurologic rehabilitation were the areas of my internships and therefore got more work in those areas, specially with geriatric patients.
In the last 4 years, I have been making a big investment in professional post-graduate training, recycling and validating competences and knowledge gained throughout my career with aim at extending my practice to a more active demographic.
I have a keen interest in Human Movement studies.
I surf frequently and I play in bands.

Know your limit. Set your goals. Take the Challenge. Get the reward.

With access to the most recent knowledge in Physiotherapy, we provide you with a cost-effective option for your rehabilitation. Together we will find the most adequate solutions for your dysfunction and limitation of Movement!

Let’s shape your Health!

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